Vessel in the form of a nursing woman

Made from red fired clay, this jug depicts a woman nursing a baby. Based upon the medical-magical texts, it is believed this jug would hold milk for the mother and newborn.

The baby has the traditional “side lock of youth“, a plait of long hair on an otherwise bald or shortly cropped head of hair, which was associated with children or youth, and/or younger members of a family.

The bottle measures as follows; 13 x 6 x 14,5 cm

Vessel in the form of a nursing woman
“From medical-magical recipe texts it can be seen that it played a role as a milk container in the treatment of sick women who had recently given birth and newborn children.” Ägyptisches Museum


Milk Vessel in the form of a Nursing Woman
New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, reign of Thutmose III – Amenhotep III, c. 1479-1352 B.C.
Ägyptisches Museum. ÄM 14476