Triad of Menkaure

This sculpted triad, a three-person statue, shows King Menkaure between two ladies. The goddess Hathor is on his right and goddess (Bat) the personification of Cynopolis, the 17th nome of Upper Egypt, is on his left.

The King wears the crown of Upper Egypt and has a false beard. He wears the short pleated Shendyt kilt and holds two small cylindrical objects. The two ladies wear tight fitting dresses and have three-part wigs. They each hold in one hand the Shen sign of power and embrace the king with the other hand.

Triad of King Menkaure
Triad of King Menkaure

Hathor wears her usual crown, composed of the sun disk between the two cow horns, while the other lady is placed beneath a jackal, the symbol of her nome. The text engraved on the base identifies them and records the different offerings given to the king from the nome.

King Menkaure triad is one of 5 triads were found in the valley in 1908, three of them are exhibited in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, while the other 2 are in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Old Kingdom, 4th Dynasty, ca. 2613-2494 BC. This object was excavated by the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition. Medium: Grey-green Schist. Valley Temple of Menkaure at Giza. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 46499