God Nun Raises the Sun

Nun or Nu, god of the primeval waters, origin of all life and chaos, lifts the barque of the sun god Re (represented by both the scarab and the sun disk) into the sky at the beginning of time. Nut, goddess of the Sky, is hanging from above, holding the god Osiris, also hanging from upside down, who holds the sun from above.

The scarab beetle, known as Khepri, is associated with the rising sun and the concept of rebirth. It is often depicted pushing the solar disk across the sky, symbolizing the sun’s daily journey. This union, between the sun and Osiris, represents a solid eternal union between the soul and the body which meant to be a complete resurrection of the human being.

The God Nun Raises the Sun. British Museum.
The God Nun Raises the Sun

In Egyptian mythology, there is a concept known as the “Barque of Re” or the “Solar Barque.” It refers to the belief that the sun god Re travels across the sky in a boat or barque during the day and through the underworld during the night.

The barque is often depicted as being carried or lifted by various deities, including Nun, who is associated with the primordial waters. So, it is believed that Nun, as the personification of the chaotic waters, supports or lifts the barque of Re as it moves through the celestial and underworld realms.

Vignette from Book of the Dead of Anhay. Ramesside Period, New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty, ca. 1189-1070 BC. Now in the British Museum.

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