Women in Egypt

Meryt wife of the Mayor of Thebes Sennefer

Meryt, wife of the “Mayor of the Southern City (Thebes)”, Sennefer, as depicted within his tomb, TT96 (“Tomb of the Vineyards”).New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, reign of Amenhotep II, c.1439-1413 B.C.Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Theban Necropolis.

Alabaster figure of a woman

This calcite or Egyptian Alabaster figure of a woman dates from the Old Kingdom’s 4th Dynasty, c. 2613-2566 B.C. Read more about women in Ancient Egypt: https://egypt-museum.com/daughters-of-isis-women-of-ancient-egypt/

Lady Wadjkaues

Lady Wadjkaues

This relief fragment was found in Deir el-Bersha, Egypt and depicts Lady Wadjkaues, mother of Sep and wife of the nomarch, sat before an offering of food. She has an Egyptian blue lotus flower held to her nose. Lady Wadjkaues is depicted in the typical style of her time with a slender physique, yellow skin,...

Bes ceremonial staff terminal

This green-blue glazed compisition figure of Bes was discovered at Abydos, and was originally made to be placed upon a ceremonial staff (cane). It currently resides in the British Museum (EA26267), although not on display. It dates from the 22nd Dynasty, c. 943-720 B.C. Summary:Green-blue glazed cane terminal in the form of Bes22nd Dynasty, c.943-720...

Statue of Lady Kemtet

Lady Kemtet

This painted wooden statuette is of a woman named Lady Kemtet. It dates from around 1900-1802 B.C., making it a Middle Kingdom piece from around the middle of the 12th Dynasty. The statuette was discovered at the Faiyum Entrance Area of Cemetery B, Tomb 262, in Harageh, Egypt. The inscription upon the base writes as...

Sandstone sunken relief of an Amarna woman

Relief of an Amarna Woman

This sandstone sunken relief of a woman dates from the Amarna Period, and it is easy to tell the era she is from due to the style in which she is depicted. The artistic manner is most definitely from the period of Akhenaten’s experimental reign, however, this piece was actually found in Thebes and not...

Detail of the Coffin of Priestess Iawttayesheret

Coffin of Priestess Iawttayesheret

This is the coffin lid of a woman named, Iawttayesheret (also known as Tayesheret), who lived during Egypt’s 25th Dynasty, c. 722-655 B.C. Iawttayesheret was the daughter of Padikhnum and Tadiaset. Iawttayesheret held the title of The Divine Adoratrice of Amun, which was a title given to those secondary to the God’s Wife of Amun....