Mummy Mask of Wendjebauendjed

Mummy Mask of Wendjebauendjed

This funerary gold mask originally covered the face of the mummy of Wendjebauendjed, an army general of Psusennes I. Colored glass paste forms the eyes and eyebrows. The general’s face is idealized and detailed, with a slight smile. The mask covered the face, neck, and ears. It ended at the forehead where six small-perforated tongues...

Isis Amulet with Chain of General Wendjebauendjed

Isis Amulet pendant with Chain of Wendjebauendjed

This amulet pendant of General Wendjebauendjed is in the shape of a standing figure of Isis. She is shown here as a woman with two horns over her head flanking the solar disk. The goddess Isis is wearing a tripartite wig with a protective uraeus, or rearing cobra, on the forehead. She is wearing a...

Gold Bowl of General Wendjebauendjed

Gold Bowl of Wendjebauendjed

This golden bowl with rosette in center from the reign of King Psusennes I of the 21st Dynasty, is inscribed with the name of Wendjebauendjed, who was an army general of that period. The artifact is decorated in the center with a cloisonné, polychrome glass paste flower from which 23 grooves radiate. It is thought...