Faience Wadjet Eye Amulet

Faience Wadjet Eye Amulet

Wadjet eye amulets were among the most popular amulets of ancient Egypt. The wadjet eye represents the healed eye of the god Horus and embodies healing power as well as regeneration and protection in general. The faience eye here is an intriguing combination of the regular wadjet eye with a wing, two uraei, and a...

Bracelet of Prince Nemareth

Prince Nemareth

Prince Nemareth (nm3rṯ) a rendering of the Libyan name Nimlot, was the third son of king Shoshenq I (c. 943–922 B.C.). For scholars, the prince is either referred to as Nemareth or Nimlot B specifically. Prince Nemareth’s father Hedjkheperre Setepenre Shoshenq I, simply referred to as Shoshenq I, was the first king of Ancient Egypt’s 22nd...