Hathor Tunic

Hathor Tunic

Thought to be from Deir el-Bahari at Thebes, this tunic depicts the goddess Hathor in cow form, emerging from the mountain of the West with the solar disc between her horns, along with the double plume. Hieroglyphs write; “Hathor foremost of Thebes, Lady of Heaven, Mistress of the Gods“. The collar is designed with a...

Coffin for young girl from Akhmim. British Museum. EA29587

Coffin for young girl from Akhmim

Wooden lid and base of a coffin for a young girl from Akhmim, Sohag, Egypt, c. 50 B.C.- 50 A.D. This coffin dates from the period of Greco-Roman rule and can be seen by the garment the young girl is seen depicted wearing. However, despite this she maintains her Egyptian religious belief, by being mummified...