Basalt male torso with magical spells carved

Male torso with magic spells engraved

The basalt torso of Pa-Maj is entirely covered in engravings of magical spells and images of gods. Such items became highly collectable in Europe by the 1700s. This splendid statue in mutilated basalt, represents a standing man usually with his arms along the body and the palms of his hands turned inside and is leaning...

Torso of Amenpayom. Cleveland Art Museum. 1948.141

Torso of Amenpayom

Life-sized granodiorite torso inscribed for Amenpayom, the great army general of the district of Mendes in the Nile Delta.Ptolemaic Dynasty, 200–100 B.C.From Tanis, Egypt. Now at the Cleveland Art Museum. 1948.141