Detail of Nefer, Royal Acquiantence

Royal Acquaintance, Nefer

This painted limestone stela with raised relief carving depicts an Old Kingdom era woman named Nefer who held the title, “Acquaintance of the king”. Discovered within her mastaba, this stela was used to supply offerings to Nefer beyond death, including; “a thousand alabaster vessels, a thousand pieces of cloth“, “purification of 3 pellets of natron”,...

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye before offering table

Amenhotep III & Queen Tiye receive offerings

This limestone stela dates from after the twelfth regnal year of king Akhenaten, and it depicts king Amenhotep III, and his Great Royal Wife Tiye. The couple sit under the rays of the Aten, before a grand display of nourishing offerings, in the form of vegetation, grains as well as a floral display of lotus...

Fragment of stela with Amarna Royal

Fragment of stela with either Akhenaten or Nefertiti seatedNew Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, c. 1372-1355 B.C.Tel el-Amarna. House N.50.22.Formerly in Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum. 22264.Now in Kunsthistorisches Museum, Ägyptisch-Orientalische Sammlung, Vienna. Inv. 8038.