Painted limestone stele depicts sisters, Keti and Senet

Stele of Keti and Senet

This painted limestone stele depicts sisters, Keti and Senet, breathing in the scent of a lotus blossom, while stood either side of an offering table full of food produce and other tribute presented to the pair. Dating from between approximately 2061–1900 B.C., Late 11th Dynasty to Early 12th Dynasty, this Middle Kingdom stelae was made...

Amarna Princess Perfume Bottle

Amarna Princess Perfume Bottle

This perfume bottle, with a depiction of an Amarna princess stood upon a lotus blossom, is in the shape of a hes-vase. It is made from Egyptian alabaster, with an inlay of coloured glass, carnelian, obsidian and gold. A hes-vase is named after the “hes” hieroglyph. The hes-vase was used as a libation vessel, meaning,...