Statue of Senenmut holding Neferure, daughter of Queen Hatshepsut

Statue of Senenmut holding Neferure

This standing statue of Senenmut holding Princess Neferure, daughter of Queen Hatshepsut, seems to be unique. Most of us are familiar with the block and seated (tutor) statues of Senenmut and Neferure. The statue was found in Karnak and was a gift from the Queen. The inscriptions are given in detail in breasted ancient records...

Block Statue of Senenmut and Neferure

Block Statue of Senenmut and Neferure

This block statue or cube statue shows Senenmut with the features of a young man: full cheeks in a smooth round face, wide-open eyes with long lashes executed in relief, large ears, and a small, straight, full mouth. As Senenmut was her tutor, the princess’ head emerges from his mantle. An indication of her position...