Pair of Golden Sandals of Tutankhamun

Golden Sandals of Tutankhamun

A pair of golden sandals of Tutankhamun found on his feet. These stunning gold sandals were just one of 42 pairs King Tutankhamun had in his tomb. Too many ointments poured on Tutankhamun’s mummy caused severe damage to the tissues, except for those protected by gold: the face, fingers, and toes. In fact, gold sheaths...

Sandals of Tutankhamun

Sandals of Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun would symbolically trample on his enemies when he wore his sandals. The unique sandals are also adorned on the top and bottom by the nine bows, symbols of the traditional enemies of Egypt. While the exact number of sandals is unclear, at least 80 samples were discovered in the virtually intact tomb of...