ramesses the great

Ramesses II and Offering Table

Ramesses II and Offering Table

This limestone statue, which stands at 171cm tall, depicts the 19th Dynasty king, Ramesses II, knelt before a hes-vase shaped offering platform, whilst the king himself holds an offering tray. The bottom has been restored onto a modern platform, but the rest of the statue is in remarkable condition. Ramesses II can be seen wearing...

Bracelet of Prince Nemareth

Prince Nemareth

Prince Nemareth (nm3rṯ) a rendering of the Libyan name Nimlot, was the third son of king Shoshenq I (c. 943–922 B.C.). For scholars, the prince is either referred to as Nemareth or Nimlot B specifically. Prince Nemareth’s father Hedjkheperre Setepenre Shoshenq I, simply referred to as Shoshenq I, was the first king of Ancient Egypt’s 22nd...