Coffin of Pa-di-tu-Amun

Coffin of Pa-di-tu-Amun

Third Intermediate Period, 22nd-23rd Dynasty, c. 945-889 B.C. Acquired in Egypt during the 1920s, by the Swedish scientist Olof Vilhelm Arrhenius, this Third Intermediate Period coffin was featured at the world-famous Christies auction house in 2019. Although the coffin belongs to an Ancient Egyptian man named Pa-Di-Tu-Amun, the coffin lid was originally made for a...

Photograph by Colin Scott-Moncrieff, National Museum of Scotland.

Sarcophagus lid of Tjentwerethequa, “Priestess of Amun”

Sarcophagus lid of Tjentwerethequa, “Priestess of Amun” Third Intermediate period, Early 22nd Dynasty, c. 1000- 901 B.C. It is believed, Tjentwerethequa’s grandson, a senior priest of Amun-Ra named Iufenamun, was of the priesthood responsible for the reburial of the old kings into the secret caches, which hid the past rulers of Ancient Egypt away from...