Frontal view of the goddess Hathor, depicted as nude

Nude Hathor

This statue of the goddess Hathor was made from Egyptian Terracotta, or Brown Nile Silt, and dates from 400-200 B.C. The Ptolemaic influence in this depiction of Hathor is easy to see, as the statue resembles the soft nude bodies of the female deities of the Mediterranean, such as Hathor and Isis’s Greek counterpart, Aphrodite....

Cosmetic spoon in the form of a swimming girl.

Cosmetic spoon

The cosmetic spoon in the shape of a girl swimming with a lotus flower in her hands illustrates the refined taste of the New Kingdom. It is carved of ivory and ebony. In Egyptology a cosmetic spoon means an ornately shaped vessel for cosmetic paints or aromatic oils that were especially popular during the 18th...