Bracelet of Prince Nemareth

Prince Nemareth

Prince Nemareth (nm3rṯ) a rendering of the Libyan name Nimlot, was the third son of king Shoshenq I (c. 943–922 B.C.). For scholars, the prince is either referred to as Nemareth or Nimlot B specifically. Prince Nemareth’s father Hedjkheperre Setepenre Shoshenq I, simply referred to as Shoshenq I, was the first king of Ancient Egypt’s 22nd...

Vulture Headdress Inlay

Vulture Headdress

This inlay of a vulture headdress is said to have been discovered among the Treasure of Dendara, and dates from the Ptolemaic Period, c. 100 – 1 B.C., and is made from gold and over 100 semi-precious stones. Thin plates of over 100 perfectly cut precious stones were cut to make this delicate piece. The...