Thutmose usurped by Ramesside family. British Museum. EA61

Thutmose usurped by Ramesside family

This red granite statue of a king wearing the White Crown (Hedjet), was originally from Karnak, and has been recarved with the cartouches (namesake in rectangular-oval casing) of king Ramesses II and his son, the king Merenptah. It is believed this statue originally dates from the 18th Dynasty, and based upon the face and style,...

The Mummy of King Merenptah

The mummy of king Merenptah

The mummy of king Merenptah Rather similarly to the recently crowned King Charles III, Merenptah took the throne later in life. Merenptah became king when he was approximately 70 years of age due to outliving his older brothers. He was the son of Ramesses II (also known as Ramesses the Great), who amazingly lived until...