Triad of King Menkaure

Triad of Menkaure

This sculpted triad, a three-person statue, shows King Menkaure between two ladies. The goddess Hathor is on his right and goddess (Bat) the personification of Cynopolis, the 17th nome of Upper Egypt, is on his left. The King wears the crown of Upper Egypt and has a false beard. He wears the short pleated Shendyt...

Triad of King Menkaure

Triads of Menkaure

These three schist triads of Menkaure were found by the Egyptologist George Reisner in the valley temple of Menkaure near his pyramid in Giza. The triads was discovered in 1908 in the valley temple of Menkaure in its own hierarchical group, and 5 were found and it is believed that they were eight as there...