Winged Scarab Beetle Amulet

This winged scarab beetle amulet is made of electrum. The wings are not those of a beetle, but those of a bird, as is apparent by their shape and the indication of individual feathers. Winged scarabs, meant to guarantee the rebirth of the deceased, were very popular funerary amulets. Third Intermediate Period, 22nd Dynasty, ca.

Gold and enamel scarab amulet

Scarab amulets were frequently wound into a mummy’s bandages to protect the deceased and ensure rebirth. This scarab is made of gold, a metal strongly associated with the sun. The blue enamel symbolizes the life-giving waters of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians understood the sun god to manifest himself in multiple forms, chiefly those of

Pectoral of King Shoshenq II

At its top, this pectoral King Shoshenq II displays two falcons, each wearing the Double Pschent Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. They are sitting upon the hieroglyphic symbol for sky, which is adorned with stars. Below, resting upon a boat, can be seen a lapis lazuli sun-disc, with an image of the enthroned god

Armlet of Queen Ahhotep I

When it was found among the mummy’s hair, this gold armlet of Ahhotep I was thought to be a crown. Because of its diameter, however, it is certain that it was to be worn round the arm for protection. It is inlaid with lapis lazuli and carnelian and decorated with vulture of gold and inlays