Statuette representing Isis and Osiris

Statuette representing Isis and Osiris

A bronze statuette of the goddess Isis with outstretched wings around her husband and brother the god Osiris. In a bloody battle, Seth dismembered Osiris and spread his remains all around Egypt. Isis searched for the fragments to make a mummy and thus bring her beloved husband to life once again. Nevertheless, certain versions of...

Statue of Goddess Isis

Statuette of the Goddess Isis

Apart from being the mother goddess per se, Isis was also a protective deity, as depicted by this bronze statuette. She is attached to a thin base with a tenon. On her head she is wearing cow horns supporting a sun disk, and a striated wig with a uraeus on her forehead. Her winged arms...

Isis Amulet with Chain of General Wendjebauendjed

Isis Amulet with Chain of General Wendjebauendjed

This amulet of General Wendjebauendjed is in the shape of a standing figure of Isis. She is shown here as a woman with two horns over her head flanking the solar disk. The goddess Isis is wearing a tripartite wig with a protective uraeus, or royal cobra, on the forehead. She is wearing a tight...

Painted Relief of Osiris and Isis

Abydos is the cult center of Osiris, god of the dead. The necropolis is a place of pilgrimage and burial and at least ten temples were originally constructed there.  Among those ten temples, three remain that are of special note. These include the Temple of Seti I, the Great Osiris Temple and the Ramesses II Temple....

Queen Nefertari before Goddess Isis

Painting of the goddess Isis offers the ankh, the symbol of life, to Nefertari. A detailed view of Pillar II in Chamber K (the burial chamber).  New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, reign of Ramesses II, ca. 1279-1213 BC. The Tomb of Queen Nefertari (QV66), Valley of the Queens, West Thebes.

Relief of the goddess Isis, decorative detail of sarcophagus of Thuya

Relief of the Goddess Isis

A bas relief depicts Isis, goddess of motherhood, magic, healing, and rebirth. In addition to her traditional roles as wife, mother, healer, and protector of the dead, Isis was worshiped as the goddess of good fortune, the sea, and travel. Decorative detail from the coffin of Thuya. Goddess Isis Magic Magic plays a central role...

Pectoral of Osiris, Isis and Nephthys

Tutankhamun Pectoral of Osiris, Isis and Nephthys

Looks at first glance to be presenting the goddesses Wadjet and Nekhbet, the symbols of Upper and Lower Egypt, standing on either side of Osiris. However, the hieroglyphic inscriptions beside them state that they are in fact Isis (next to the vulture) and Nephthys (next to the cobra). Goddess Isis wears the White Hedjet Crown...