A false fringe of human hair in pin curl ringlet style

A false fringe of human hair in pin curl ringlet styleEarly Dynastic Period, 1st Dynasty,Excavated by Sir Flinders Petrie from the tomb of Djer (also known as Zer or Sekhty), Tomb O, Umm el-Qa’ab, Abydos, Egypt. Now residing at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. 1901.40.56

Ancient Egyptian Nobleman

This relief shows a beautiful, delicately carved depiction of an unknown Ancient Egyptian Nobleman, dating from the 19th or 20th Dynasty. It is believed that this fragment may have come from a tomb in Saqqara. With the lingering of the Amarna Period artistic revolution still in memory, the Egyptian need to forget the reign of...

Head of a woman from Thebes

Head of a woman (momie de femme), discovered at Thebes in 1799. She dates from between the New Kingdom Period and Late Period (when the last Native rulers of Ancient Egypt held power), c.1550 Р332 B.C.Mus̩e du Louvre. E 3442

Scalp with human hair

New Kingdom, 18th-19th Dynasty, c. 1550-1190 B.C.Medinet Gurob, Tomb 23.The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London. UC.30139 This human scalp was found under a wig of long black hair, some remnant of the dark haired wig are still present in the form of a plait. The body itself is sadly lost, as it was either...