Diadem of King Tutankhamun

This gold diadem was designed to secure the wig of the king during ceremonies and to protect his forehead in the hereafter. It is a multicolored masterpiece, decorated with gold cloisonn├ęs inlaid with circles of carnelian and edged with inlays of turquoise, lapis lazuli, and blue glass. At the center front are the protective deities

Diadem of Princess Khenmet

A gold crown of Princess Khenmet, possibly daughter of King Amenemhat II. She is mainly known from her unrobbed tomb containing a set of outstanding personal adornments.   This masterpiece was found in the tomb of Khnemet and her sister Princess Ita in Dahshur. The crown is made of a network of interlaced gold wires that

Diadem of Princess Khenmet

This diadem, or royal headband, is formed of a series of horizontal and vertical decorations made of gold with inlays of semiprecious stones and glass paste. Each horizontal element is composed of a rosette flanked by two bell-shaped flowers heavily inlaid with carnelian, turquoise, and lapis lazuli. This decoration is repeated eight times. Two delicate

When Flinders Petrie and Guy Brunton explored the shaft tomb of Princess Sithathoriunet in 1914 (located in the funerary complex of Senusret II at El Lahun), they found little apart from her red granite sarcophagus and a set of canopic jars, the vessels which accompanied each burial to house the internal organs. Then they discovered