Bes vessel

Bes vessel

This green-glazed composition vessel depicts the dwarf god Bes on one side and a circular display of varied animals, including a lion, ibexes, antelopes, deer and fowl on the back. One of the animals in the circle seemingly looks like a camel, but it is uncertain. Purchased by Dr Erich Cassirer and residing in the...

Glazed composition beaded necklace. British Museum. EA57886

Glazed composition beaded necklace

This string of glazed composition beads; with various colours and forms, including grapes and daisies, dates from the 18th Dynasty of Pharaonic Egypt. It is 32.5cm in length and was purchased from Hon Richard Bethell and acquired by the British Museum (EA57886) in 1925. The striking colours of both the amulets and the beadwork of...