Mummy mask of Satdjehuty

Mummy mask of Satdjehuty

Daughter of king Senakhtenre Ahmose and his wife Tetisheri, Satdjehuty (Daughter of Thoth) was a sister-wife to her brother king Seqenenre Tao and held multiple titles including, “King’s Wife“, “King’s Sister“, and “King’s Daughter“. Sitdjehuti was also the sister of queens Ahhotep I and Ahmose-Inhapy, also sister-wives to their brother king Seqenenre Tao. Sitdjehuty and...

Ceremonial Axe of King Ahmose I

Ceremonial Axe of Ahmose I

The Ceremonial axe of king Ahmose I, the founder of the 18th Dynasty. Decorated with scenes, the king appears in the form of a sphinx, Nekhbet as a vulture over lily as symbol of Upper Egypt, Wadjet as a cobra over papyrus as symbol of Lower Egypt. Finally scene “Heh” the god of eternity holds...

Ceremonial dagger of King Ahmose I

Ceremonial Dagger of Ahmose I

Along with its sheath, this ceremonial dagger was a royal gift from king Ahmose to his mother Ahhotep, in whose burial it was discovered. The blade decorated with a typically Aegean technique but Egyptian iconography, bears the titulary of the king on one side and a hunting scene on the other side. Being a gift...