Shrine of Maatmenraemheb and his wife Urtnefret

Shrine of Maatmenraemheb and his wife Urtnefret

Discovered in Abydos, this shrine depicting Maatmenraemheb with his wife Urtnefret, shows the couple depicted within an arched niche. Carved from a block of limestone, the sides of the shrine’s exterior are decorated with sunken relief images of the couple’s family and hieroglyphs. The shrine was originally erected in front of a large granite stele...

This small dog now resides in the Walters Art Museum, in Baltimore, Maryland. 71.622

Ancient Egyptian Domesticated Dogs

Made from the ivory from a hippopotamus, this dog was a figure piece from a game called “Mehen”, also known as The Serpant Game. Knowing the game pre-dates the period from which this collared dog was likely created in, it tells us that Egyptians had domesticated the dog possibly long before the unified Egypt even...

Anubis in human form at the Temple of Ramesses II, Abydos.

Anubis in human form

Arguably one of the most famous Ancient Egyptian deities recognized in the modern world, Anubis (jnpw), known to the Egyptians as Anpu, is an icon of the ancient world. From books to movies, his likeness still remains a favourite, and he is recognized worldwide, often springing to mind when Ancient Egypt is mentioned in entertainment...