Silver Ring of Ramesses IV

On the large silver-tin alloy signet ring the prenomen of Ramesses IV appears—Hekamaat-re’ (“Re Is the Ruler of Maat“). In the lower half are several hieroglyphs—djed (“stability”), hes (“praise”), and hetep (“peace” or “satisfaction”)—that probably serve a decorative or amuletic function because they do not comprise a logical text. Likewise, the semi-hemispherical nb hieroglyph at the bottom was probably employed simply because its shape conveniently fit the oval.

All three of these rings probably belonged to nobility or other private persons, not to royalty, The small bronze signet ring has the prenomen, or throne name, of Ramesses II. The scarab ring lacks his prenomen but has an associated epithet (“Beloved Of Amun”) and his nomen, or birth name (Ramesses).

Silver Ring of King Ramesses IV
Silver Ring of King Ramesses IV

One tin-silver alloy ring, cast in one piece, with lines of burnishing just over the edge of the bezel. The oval bezel may contain a cryptogram consisting of the name of Ramesses IV, Hk3-m3’t-R’. Some indentations on the shank and the inside of the bezel is discolored; modern scratches within the sun disc of the ba-bird on the bezel.

New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty, Ramesside Period, ca. 1152-1145 BC. Now in the Brooklyn Museum. 37.727E