Scene from King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber

This scene from the north wall of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber shows the brown “freckling” of the paintings that may have resulted when the tomb was hastily painted and sealed, trapping moisture. The scene is unique in its nature. We never witnessed an heir or a successor performing the ritual of the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony on the deceased King.

In the ancient Egyptian myth, this ritual was first performed by Horus on his father Osiris not only for this latter to enjoy his senses in the Afterlife, but also to declare the legitimacy of the first as the rightful heir of the throne. By performing this ritual on Tutankhamun, Ay secured his position on the throne.

Scene from King Tutankhamun's burial chamber
Scene from King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber

Next comes Tutankhamun in the presence of the sky goddess Nut who makes a nini gesture, thus agreeing him in the realm of the gods. Finally we see Tutankhamun followed by his Ka embracing Osiris in the same features as those of Tutankhamun’s.

Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62), Valley of the Kings, West Thebes.

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