Relief of Ramesses II

This limestone relief, depicting king Ramesses II, is rich in colour despite being just a fragmentary remnant. The king is adorned in yellow, representing glistening gold. The style of portraiture tells us this piece was likely made early within his reign, possibly somewhere between the first two years, as it’s very similar to works created under his father Seti I’s rule, so likely made by his father’s artisans. Therefore, it is likely this fragment was once adorning the walls of the Temple of Ramesses at Abydos.

Relief of Ramesses II
15 × 3 × 17 in., 48.5 lb. (38.1 × 7.6 × 43.2 cm, 22kg)
Brooklyn Museum. 11.670

Relief of Ramesses II
New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, c. 1279-1213 B.C.
Likely from the Temple of Ramesses at Abydos.
Now at the Brooklyn Museum. 11.670