Prince Montuherkhepeshef (“Montu is above his powerful arm”)

Prince Montuherkhepeshef, also sometimes known as Ramesses-Montuherkhepeshef, was the firstborn son of Ramesses IX, who died before he could become king. The prince held titles such as; “First King’s Son of his Body”; “Eldest King’s Son of his Body”; “Generalissimo; and Executive at the Head of the Two Lands”.

During the reign of Ramesses IX, who ruled from approximately 1126-1108 BC, Ancient Egypt experienced a period of political instability and decline. Ramesses IX was the eighth king of the 20th Dynasty of Egypt, and his reign was marked by economic challenges, internal power struggles, and external threats.

Prince Montuherkhepeshef ("Montu is above his powerful arm")
Prince Montuherkhepeshef (“Montu is above his powerful arm”)

One of the notable events during Ramesses IX’s reign was the increasing power of the priesthood, particularly the High Priest of Amun, which led to a decline in the pharaoh’s authority. The economy faced difficulties, including inflation and a decrease in agricultural productivity.

In terms of foreign affairs, Ramesses IX had to deal with incursions from the Libyans and the threat of invasion from the Sea Peoples. The Sea Peoples were a confederation of maritime raiders who posed a significant threat to the stability of the Eastern Mediterranean region.

New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty, c. 1129–1111 B.C.

Tomb of Montuherkhepeshef, KV19. Valley of the Kings.