Pectoral of Shoshenq II

This pectoral of king Shoshenq II, a large piece of jewelry worn on the chest, is in the form of a naos, or inner temple. It is topped by a decorative band with the winged sun disk. The main scene is of openwork design and shows the winged scarab Khepri.

The scarab is below another winged sun god and the cartouche of black stone bearing the Throne Name of King Shoshenq II. Beneath the scarab is the Birth Name of the king.

Pectoral of King Shoshenq II
Pectoral of King Shoshenq II

The goddesses Isis and Nephthys are kneeling on each side. Each goddess has her name engraved on her head. They hold their wings in a gesture of protection to protect the chest and the names of the king. The design of the frame of the scene consists of alternating squares of gold and glass.

The bottom decorative band repeats two symbols: the Knot of Isis and the stability Djed sign. The chain of the pectoral is made of a narrow gold band.

At the back is a counterweight made in the cloisonné technique using applied gold threads and tiny beads to imitate a fringe.

Third Intermediate Period, 22nd Dynasty, reign of Shoshenq II, ca. 887-885 BC. Gold glass paste and semi-precious stones. From Tanis. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 72170