Panel of Rahotep

From the Mastaba of Rahotep and his wife Nofret at Beni Suef, this limestone panel depicts Prince Rahotep sat on a bull-legged chair before an offering table. Traditional offering formula is written above the table in hieroglyphs. Upon the offering table, 8 half loaves of bread have been placed.

Rahotep wears a short round cropped wig, and would have been adorned in leopard skin, but unfortunately the pigment has faded. Pigment remains on the wig and a yellowish honey colour remains on some parts of Rahotep’s body.

Panel of Rahotep
“The names of conventional offerings are written above the table and below it to one side of the stand. To the right of this scene is a standard offering-list of the early type. The name and titles of the deceased are written in larger signs on both sides of and above the main scene.”
– British Museum

Rahotep might have been a son of King Sneferu and thus, a brother of King Khufu. He held the titles of High Priest of Re at Heliopolis, General of the Army, and Chief of Constructions.


Limestone panel of Prince Rahotep sat before offering table
Old Kingdom, 4th Dynasty, c. 2575-2551 B.C.
Mastaba of Rahotep & Nofret, Meidum, Beni Suef.
Now at the British Museum. EA1242