Tutankhamun’s Ointment Jar Surmounted by a Lion

This cylindrical alabaster jar, used as an unguent or perfume container, is a masterpiece of unusual form and design. The lid is adorned with the figure of a small lion, its mouth open and an ivory tongue sticking out. Around the jar are scenes of lions and dogs hunting bulls and gazelles, incised and stained with red, green, and blue paint.

Ointment Jar Surmounted by a Lion
Ointment Jar Surmounted by a Lion

The two columns on either side have lotus capitals supporting the head of the protector god, Bes. The jar rests on crossed bars ending in the heads of the traditional foes of Egypt.

From the Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62), Valley of the Kings, West Thebes. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 62119

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