Nefertiti head unfinished

This head of Nefertiti was discovered in Tel el-Amarna, Egypt, the location of the ancient experimental capital of Akhet-Aten, within the remnants of house P 47.2, room 19 (ÄM 21352).

This unfinished limestone head holds the same serene beauty as the more famous bust of the queen, but due to it’s unfinished state, it gives us a glimpse at how the Egyptian artists worked and planned ahead via the remnants of markings.

Nefertiti head unfinished
Unfinished head of Nefertiti with artist markings still present
New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, c. 1340 B.C.
From Tel el-Amarna (ancient Akhetaten),
Neues Museum, Berlin. ÄM 21352