Mummy of King Amenhotep I

The king was originally buried at Dra-Abu’l Naga. During the 21st Dynasty, his mummy, which was in poor condition, was moved to the Deir el-Bahari cache (DB320).

The mummy was carefully wrapped in bandages and covered with a mask, which is still in place together with garlands of flowers.

An X-ray shows that the king apparently died in his late forties and was perhaps 1.79 meters, or about 5 feet 10 inches, tall. The mummy’s hands, although broken off, were crossed over his chest, a posture traditionally used by all of his successors.

Mummy of King Amenhotep I
Mummy of King Amenhotep I. Photo: Patrick Landmann

New Kingdom, early 18th Dynasty, reign of Amenhotep I, ca. 1525-1504 BC. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 26211

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