Jewelry of Tutankhamun

This is part of a large cache of items found by Howard Carter in the Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62). It was discovered with many other pieces of jewelry in a box inlaid with ebony and ivory.

Top center: Pectoral in the form of a winged scarab. JE 61886

Bottom center: Lid of an inlaid gold box

Jewelry of King Tutankhamun
Jewelry of King Tutankhamun. Photo: Kenneth Garrett

Only the lid remains of this exquisitely open-work box. The lid is vaulted in form; the central rail and ends inlaid with floral devices; the vaulted portion of three rows of seventeen Nefers (symbols of beauty) in fine Ă  jour work. Made out of gold and colored glass.

Top right: Counterpoise of a pectoral. JE 61898

Top left: Unique jewelry clasp. JE 61979

Bottom right: Pectoral in the form of a winged scarab. JE 61888

Bottom left: Clasp of a piece of jewelry. JE 61978