Illustrated Book of Gates, Tomb of Ramesses IV

In the upper register are two bodies of water, probably versions of the Lake of Fire, guarded by cobras and jackal-headed humans. In the central register is the snake of time Hiririet in a pit, surrounded by water and a mound on which stand the goddesses of the twelve hours of the night, as well as nine followers of Osiris as mummies lying within shrines. On the lower register is a procession of twelve gods (on the left) and eleven human figures behind a rearing cobra (on the right) approaching a chapel in which Osiris in the white crown stands on a coiled snake.

Illustrated Book of Gates
Illustrated Book of Gates. Photo: Sandro Vannini

Detail of a wall painting in the Tomb of Ramesses IV (KV2). New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty, reign of Ramesses IV, ca. 1155-1149 BC. Valley of the Kings, West Thebes.

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