The Egyptian word for “year” was rnpt and was closely related to the idea of annual growth and the renewal of the cycle of vegetation; the hieroglyph would represent a branch of palm, leafless and carved for measurement purposes.

The beginning of the year for the ancient Egyptians was not on January 1st, but in the middle of summer, with the flooding of the Nile. 

WPT RNPT NFRT - Happy Egyptian New Year

Ancient Egyptian Calendar

The calculator converts an Ancient Egyptian date to Gregorian date and vice versa.

The ancient Egyptian calendar is a 365 days solar calendar. The calendar year consists of 3 seasons; each season has 4 months, each month has 3 decades (weeks) of 10 days each. Every year ends with additional 5 days (epagomenal days), which gives 365 days in total.

There were no leap years to make the calendar in sync with the tropical year, so the calendar loses one solar day every four years. There was no single date in the past from which ancient Egyptians started to keep years; instead, the years count restarted each time a new pharaoh began his reign.

This calculator converts an ancient Egyptian date to a Gregorian date.

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Happy Egyptian New Year to you all!