Flying Falcon Amulet of Amenemope

The falcon amulet of King Amenemope is represented stretching its wings and grasping the Shen sign to which two plaques bearing the cartouches of the king are attached. The solid gold head is turned to the left.

Other parts of the hawk such as the beak, the eyes, the back of the neck, and the decorations on the cheeks are in dark glass paste. The wings, the body, and the tail of this bird of prey were executed using the cloisonné technique of applied gold threads and tiny beads. The wing feathers spread outwards and are arranged in two rows.

Flying Falcon Amulet of King Amenemope
Flying Falcon Amulet of King Amenemope

The high-flying raptor is associated with a number of deities, primary among whom was Horus. Originally a sun god identified as both guardian and earthly incarnation of the king, the Horus falcon is often interpreted in funerary contexts as a protector of the dead.

Third Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty, reign of Amenemope, ca. 1001-992 BC. From the Tomb of Amenemope at Tanis. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 86036