Egyptian-Alabaster Canopic jar of a queen

Egyptian-Alabaster Canopic jar of an 18th Dynasty queen, found within tomb KV55. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, Amarna Period, c. 1349–1330 B.C.

One of four Canopic jars believed to have belonged to Akhenaten’s secondary wife, Queen Kiya.

Canopic Jar of an unknown Queen. Met Museum. 07.226.1, 30.8.54.

Despite being associated with Kiya, the image of the beautifully carved wig adorned royal upon the jar lids has not been formally identified, and theories range to the lids belonging to Kiya, to even representing Akhenaten himself. Some propose the lids may originally have belonged to Akhenaten’s mother, Queen Tiye. It is also theorised that the lid was not originally for the jar itself, as it fits awkwardly.

The four jars were among the tomb equipment found in tomb KV55, believed to have been brought together during Tutankhamun’s reign, after the collapse of the so-called Amarna Period.

Is this the face of Queen Kiya?
Kiya? Akhenaten? Tiye? Met Museum. 07.226.1, 30.8.54.