Duck Bracelet of King Ramesses II

Duck Bracelet of King Ramesses II

The solid gold bangle is composed of two parts, linked on one side by a hinge and on the other by a clasp. The broader upper part of the bracelet is decorated with a double-headed duck.

Its body consists of a large chunk of lapis lazuli framed by broad bands of gold plate. The two heads and the duck´s spread out tail were made of gold decorated with small soldered beads and wire.

Two Bracelets of Ramesses II

Gold mining has a long history in Egypt, as ancient artifacts attest. The fine decoration is executed by the granulation technique and consists mostly of geometric motifs. The bezel is composed of a goose, which has two heads turned backwards over the body, carved out of one piece of lapis lazuli. The fact that the cartouches of Ramesses II and the words for right and left are incised alongside the clasps of the bracelets, suggests that both of these bracelets were the actual ones worn by the king himself.

New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, reign of Ramesses II, ca. 1279-1213 BC. From Bubastis (Tell-Basta). Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 39873

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