Mon. May 23rd, 2022
Dagger of Princess Ita

In the tomb of Princess Ita, daughter of Amenemhat II, this dagger was found in her coffin, together with a collection of jewels that included bracelets, anklets, a necklace, and the remains of a belt.

The form of the blade is Phoenician in origin, and the patterns on the handle were common in Crete. It has been suggested that the dagger was imported from Byblos in Phoenicia or from Crete, or was manufactured in Egypt by a foreign craftsman at the royal court.

From the Tomb of Princess Ita next to the pyramid of king Amenemhat II at Dahshur. Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty, reign of Amenemhat II, ca. 1914-1879 BC. Collections of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE 31069

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