Ancient Egypt: The Definitive Visual History

Discover the fascinating details of life under the pharaohs – and their extraordinary legacy – in this comprehensive e-guide to ancient Egypt civilization.

Encompassing 3,000 years and 31 Egyptian dynasties, from the time of Narmer to that of Cleopatra, this fresh appraisal of ancient treasures helps you to navigate the political intrigues and cultural achievements of the Ancient Egyptians, from the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza to the Great Library and Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Ancient Egypt: The Definitive Visual History

Written by a team of respected Egyptologists, this book includes the following exciting things:

  • Themed spreads explore developments in areas like religion, writing, painting, ceramics and medicine.
  • Biography spreads feature the lives of the most influential pharaohs and queens.
  • Detailed maps set the main sites in context, and show the growth of the civilization and its trade network.
  • An optional 80-page reference section provides a directory of the pharaohs and gods and goddesses.

You will meet pharaohs such as Tutankhamun – whose mummified remains and lavish grave goods reveal so much about the society and its beliefs – as well as influential women such as Hatshepsut and Nefertiti, and warriors including Alexander the Great.

Lavish photographs reveal the craftsmanship of their scribes, artists, and metal workers, and the tomb paintings and relief carvings that captured the everyday life of farmers, artisans, soldiers, and traders in exquisite detail. Specially commissioned CGI reconstructions use the latest scientific information to recreate the finest tombs, temples, and pyramids.

— Ancient Egypt: The Definitive Visual History