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Egypt Museum is an independent website blog about ancient Egyptian arts, culture and history. A virtual online Egyptian Museum which started in 2013 as a Facebook page and in 2017 as a blog powered by Tumblr platform. It’s mainly interested in ancient Egyptian civilization which developed along the Nile river. 

Relative Egyptological Stuff

From artifacts and objects in museums all over the world, to pictures and artworks of its ancient places and temples, crafts and jewelry, even more Egyptology stuff, books about ancient Egyptian mythology, archaeological news and new discoveries.

Egypt Museum Objective

The website aims to provide a proper ancient Egyptian reliefs, most of contents are Before the Common Era. The published posts can be searched and listed by using a variety of hashtags so it can be more easy to navigate any specific topic using search function.

It’s not the Egyptian Museum

Egypt Museum is not affiliated with any Egyptian Museum website. This is not the Egyptian Museum or Cairo Museum official website.

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If you have any inquiries, requests or comments, please feel free to send message to email: islmit / gmail.com